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8 Best Charm Wholesalers

Key Charms

8 Best Charm wholesalers

Buying accessories in bulk can always be a headache. Keychains and acrylic charms are one of the best accessories to carry with oneself.Key Rings

Well, if you are into keychains and charms, then surely you would be having your own custom collection. However, if you are looking forward to a list of wholesalers who supply custom keychains in bulk, then this list will surely help you in finding the best wholesaler out there in the market!

Best Charm Wholesalers

    1.  Swaracharms

Swaracharms is the producer and wholesaler of huge kinds of charms. We manufacture charms for earrings making thru ultra-modern machinery & skilled staff. Being a nice oriented employer; they’ve produced earrings that are in compliance with international first-class standards. Keeping in mind the various requirements in their consumer base, they offer a big variety of charms. They have constantly seemed forward in setting up long-time period business dates with our clients.

Some of the benefits of purchasing from Swaracharms are:

  • They assure you of excellent merchandise.
  • Excellent quality control – dual checking each piece earlier than cargo.
  • Custom designs


  1. Tomade

Tomade is another brilliant wholesaler where various charm wholesale rates are available and you can buy and ship your favourite wholesale keychains.

Some of the pros of buying cute keychains and charms from Tomade include:

  • Their extremely low and competitive shipping rates.
  • Variety and quality of keychains available on their website.
  • Lastly, the great customer service that they offer.Key Charms


  1. Pdodo

Are you looking for a custom keychain? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Pdodo specializes in custom acrylic keychains, stands, stickers, and other custom printed products. Most products can be ordered from one to any number. The products are of high quality and competitive price. They can meet all kinds of customized needs.

Pdodo has been trusted by a lot of customers around the world. They also have discount activities in their web and many events in their social media. If you have a good idea, or want to customize your keychain, then Pdodo must be a very good choice.

Their greatest advantage are:

  • Support one piece of customization
  • High quality
  • Many discountsactivities


    1. AB Laurels LLC

AB Laurels offers a huge range of attractive and dressmaker CZ Jewellery. In all nations, jewellery has evolved from a standing symbol to fashion assertion. Gone are the days when women preferred only high priced accessories. Today’s generation are seeking to decorate their outfit nearly each day with matching style jewellery. Also referred to as western jewellery, this kind of jewellery offers the wearer the dual advantage of adorning jewellery while making a fashion declaration.

Accessories like keychains and charms in different shapes, sizes and colorings allow the plenty-need area to the wearer to fit the jewellery to any outfit from their closet. Designers have laboured their manner out to create a few beautiful, light-weight and smooth-to-go fashion jewellery designs through the years. Moreover, due to the fact that it is nearly an ordinary object, fashion jewellery is available at very less costly costs.

    1. DDFLimport

They are a wholesale fashion earrings supplier dedicated to offering their clients with the most elegant costume earrings at the first-rate wholesale costs. At their ecommerce store, you may snag the season’s freshest earrings in your save, such as keychains, charms, attraction bracelets, necklaces, bangles, earrings, bracelets, and plenty more. Their collection additionally consists of today’s apparel, cute accessories, and top first-class cosmetics. Here you can find the whole thing you want in your shop, from make-up and nail polish to tops and scarves to purses and hair add-ons. At their wholesale style rings store, you may find suitable style earrings and add-ons!

    1. Fashion Jewellery Wholesaler

Fashion Jewellery Wholesaler is a circle of relatives owned commercial enterprise that has been supplying retail organisations for over a decade with high high-quality wholesale style accessories consisting of keychains, charms, bracelets, necklaces, Murano glass pendants, mood rings, frame jewellery, magnetic earrings, novelty gadgets, tattoo items, hair accessories and more. Our charges are very low priced and they are pleased as well as proud of their customer support. They are a leading producer, direct importer, distributor and online supplier of the greatest lines from conventional ideas to new developments of jewellery and accessories.Acrylic Keychains

    1. Goldfathers Jewelry

Goldfathers is one of the oldest and best wholesalers of charms and keychains. Moreover, their online family business has grown exponentially over the years, due to the high-quality charms that they offer. Customers love to repeat orders, due to their exciting charm wholesale. You can get an exciting range of charm accessories from their website.

    1. Delmundo

Wholesale jewellery company in business since 1984. When you want something different check their website out. Many handmade items and unusual styles in earrings, keychains, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and gift items (think keychains). Their primary focus is on tourist area stores. You will find various themes such as Butterflies, dragonflies, bears, cats, moose etc..

Some advantages that they present are:

  • Elegant designs
  • Low price points
  • Fast shopping
  • Returns within 14 days accepted