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Acrylic Keychains Techniques Instruction

Pdodo Acrylic Keychains Technique Introduction

Have you heard of acrylic keychains?

Are you a senior anime lover who likes to collect all kinds of anime peripherals, or do you want your designs to be appreciated by more people?

Or you already have your own brand, but there are not many people who know it. If you want more people to know your brand and be familiar with your brand, it is a good choice to give a keychain with your brand logo. It will not take up too much of your capital investment and will be able to make a good impression on others.

Epoxy Acrylic KeychainEpoxy Acrylic Keychain

Add a layer of epoxy on the surface of the basic acrylic to make it more scratch-resistant and feel smoother and more comfortable. Its translucency is the same as that of basic acrylic, and it will even be fuller and more shiny under the sun.

The production process will take a little longer than basic acrylic, because in addition to the epoxy dispensing process, it will take some time for the epoxy to fully solidify. And in order to ensure that the epoxy is finally formed perfectly, the production temperature and dust-free environment are also relatively high.

Glitter Epoxy Acrylic KeychainGlitter EpoxyAcrylic Keychain

Glitter epoxy is to add glitter powder to the primary color epoxy and stir together, and use the same production process, environment and time to complete the finished product.

The glitter powder adds a sparkling effect, especially in the sun, it will reflect the light of a raised diamond, which is very shining.

Its permeability is not as good as that of the primary color epoxy. After all, there are glitter powder that blocks part of the picture, but because the glitter powder particles are very small, the overall sense is the same as the original color epoxy except for the brightening effect. Don’t worry, your artwork will still be perfectly rendered.

Holographic(Brocken Glasses) & Holographic(Star) Acrylic Keychain

Holographic Acrylic Keychain

The holographic keychain is to add a layer of holographic film in the process of making the basic acrylic keychain.

Generally, we only make one side, because the effect of one side is better than that of double side. Because the holographic will partially weaken the work itself, the holographic will produce color effects under different light.

Especially the broken glass holographic film, its holographic surface will be relatively large, if it is outdoors with strong light, you will see a colorful keychain, which is very dazzling. The holographic surface of the star-shaped holographic film will be smaller, and the occlusion works will be less.

Of course, they can clearly see the work in the low-light environment, whether it is a broken glass holographic film or a star-shaped holographic film, and it will not affect the presentation of your work at all.

Rainbow Board Acrylic KeychainRainbow Acrylic Keychain

The rainbow keychain is to add a layer of rainbow film in the process of making the basic acrylic keychain, so that the original transparent background becomes a rainbow color. It will make your work look more three-dimensional and layered.

Of course, if your own work has a background, you don’t need to add this technique, just use your original background. If you design a png image with a transparent background, then you can choose the rainbow film boldly, and the finished product will definitely surprise you.

The production process of such an additional process is definitely more complicated and takes more time than the basic acrylic keychain.

In order to ensure high quality, we have strict checks on each process, I hope you can understand the relatively long production period. We will shorten the construction period as much as possible and complete your work with high quality. Feel free to send us your work!