Custom Lego Keychains

Custom Lego Keychain

Turn Your Minifig into A Keychain

Custom lego keychains can be a treat for people, especially teenagers who get excited at the sight of legos. In fact, lego keychains have a huge custom keychain market, and manufacturers are minting money from a lot of production that goes on daily.

However, you can obviously differ from the crowd and choose to have a custom lego keychain which just stands apart from the herd.

Well, in that case, you will need to roll your sleeves up and prepare yourself for a bumpy ride. Let’s get started!

Steps for making custom lego keychains

Step 1: Material required

Parts:Lego Bricks

– Lego Minifig (do not want any legs, as we are going to use the cap of the USB stick)

– Nano USB stick

– Phone allure thingies


– milling cutter (used to cave the torso)

– drill (used to drill holes in the head and the helmet

– noticed (to shorten the metallic part of the smartphone charm)

– amazing glue

Step 2: The Stick

This step distinctly relies upon the stick you are using. For a few it’s far more difficult, and for a few it’s far less difficult. In the give up we need a stick without casing, with a purpose to health into the minifig.

Step 3: The Body

There are  things that ought to be performed with the body:

1st: cave it to make area for the stick

2nd: reduce a bit of the top attachment off, to have space for the hanger

Before running on the torso you ought to get rid of the arms, so they don’t get broken (and additionally in order that the do not get glued to the torso later)



Just carefully cut out the Pegs, which can be alleged to make the legs sit tighter. Relying on your stick, you will also ought to make the complete internal space via scaling down the partitions of the torso. If you have to do that, be careful to not accidentally reduce it. Using low riding speeds is also really useful, as it then is easier to not ruin something accidently and you do not melt the plastic.


Here you are sincerely advised to use a few sort of sanding attachment to put off the pinnacle of the top attachment. How much you have to get rid of, relies upon the dimensions of your metallic hanger, so you perhaps should rework this later.

Step 4:

The head can be housing the metallic part of the hanger and therefore wishes a hole, for the relaxation of the hanger. Luckily lego heads have already got a stud and a partially hollow on the top of their head. So truly drill that entire completely open. (you of course can’t make the hollow bigger than the metallic part of your hanger).

If present, drill a hollow into the head and be geared to the area wherein the stud of the pinnacle attaches to the internal (It’s less difficult to drill the hollow from the inside).

Step 5: The Hanger

The metallic part of the hanger probably is too big, to fit into the top as it is.

Take the string out of it first, so you simply have the metallic element. Now cut it into  pieces, so that the only wherein cap is only a few millimetres long and fits into the top. Then place the string again into it.

Step 6: The Assembly/Glueing

Now all parts are prepared and the stick is prepared to be put together. Before you begin glueing, make sure the surfaces may be considered as easy, as the glue may not hold to it that nicely otherwise. You also must have a few toothpicks to smooth up immoderate glue.

Lead the hanger through the top and (if current) the helmet, however do not place them together but. Now follow some extraordinary glue to the again of the head, as you do not want the glue to be visible via the visor and then vicinity the top in the helmet (you perhaps wan’t to place the head at the torso briefly, in order that it’s far easier to align the head and the helmet. If you don’t have any helmet, you of direction aren’t speculated to positioned glue on the outside of the top)

Lego Keychains

Then apply glue to the head attachment on the torso and area the pinnacle onto the torso for the ultimate time. Here you furthermore may ought to be careful, which you align it successfully, as you best have one danger to do it properly.

Now eventually carefully follow glue to the top of the stick and (probable) to the interior of the torso. Then place the stick into the torso and preserve it in place for a couple of minutes, to ensure that it’s far sitting right.


When the glue has partially dried and you ensured that there isn’t always any glue, that could then block them, you could cautiously place the palms on the minifig again (you can also do this later, while the glue has completely dried)

That’s it! Your customised lego keychain will be ready to use!