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Learn Acrylic Keychain Maker Machine

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DIY acrylic keychains can be difficult to prepare manually. To tackle the same, machines like Cricut are helping the users with the process.

Cricut has made the keychain manufacturing process extremely easy and handy. With the machine and the proper procedure, you can bring all your creativity into existence. But the question is, how to make acrylic keychains with Cricut?

Let’s quickly dive into the process of making keychains with Cricut.

Making keychains with CricutDIY Tools

Materials required:

  • Cricut device
  • Fine factor blade
  • Blue or green mat
  • Squeegee
  • Permanent adhesive vinyl
  • Transfer tape
  • Acrylic keychain blanks
  • Pliers
  • Jewellery charms & soar rings (optionally available)
  • Gloves (non-obligatory)
  • True control knife


  1. Measure Keychain

Before you circulate to Design Space, cross beforehand and measure your clean.

Also, keep track of the little hollow wherein the keychain ring goes always, so that you plan your design around it.

The major idea is to hold widespread layout pieces off of the hole, however don’t stress too much either.

  1. Make a Keychain Template and Size it

Before including design factors, you may usually recreate wherein you vicinity your cut.

Click on “Shapes,” then add the ones you’re working with and resize them in step with your real-lifestyles keychain.

Tip: Since your exact degree, click on the shape and resize from the pinnacle menu. If you click on the little lock in-between width and peak, you can release the proportions to make a rectangle.

The initial circle is resized to the exact size of your keychain. However, it’s better to have a moderate margin of blunders, especially in case you are applying vinyl proper at the edge of the keychain.

To finalise the template, pick out the form (circle), click on the offset route device, upload a tiny inset, test the square corner, and click on practice.

  1. Add Paint Brush EffectKeychain

It’s time to customise our keychain!

Brush strokes are superb hot right now, and you can download them at the end of this educational step-by-step, alongside the opposite great files.

Once you download the documents you want, visit “Upload,” then click on “Upload Image” and comply with the activities. The record might be available below “Recent Uploads.”

Click on “Add to Canvas.”

Here are all the brush finishes you can use! Before you select the one you like, you need to click on “Ungroup” on top of the layers panel.”

Delete the other strokes you don’t need to apply, place the only you want in the front of the keychain template and resize it to suit.

  1. Add Text

Most probable, you need to add text on your keychain!

Click on “Text” and add what you would love to the keychain to mention.

If using the identical shade for the text and different factors, you decide to put on your keychain, choose them all and click on “Weld” or “Attach” to maintain the whole thing together at the mat.

  1. Send to Cut

Isn’t that incredibly clean?

At this factor, we don’t need the template anymore, so that you can delete or cover it through clicking the little eye at the layers panel.

Click on “Make it” to send your task to cut.

Newer machines will convey a “pop up” to ask how you want to load your materials for your tool.

Click on “Continue” to select materials if the whole lot appears in order.

  1. Cut & Assemble Keychain

Although any emblem may be used for vinyl. Anyhow, usually set the strain to greater whilst you cut vinyl. It makes a difference.

Ensure your satisfaction factor blade is mounted, and allow’s circulate on to real-lifestyle images!

Cutting ProcessCustom Keychain

If you have got scraps of vinyl, those are the sort of projects which might be an ideal fit. If not, you could trim your vinyl sheet or put the whole lot on the mat.

Place vinyl at the reducing mat and smooth it out with a brayer or a squeegee, then load it in your system and press the “flashing go’ button to start the cut.

Note: For Cricut Joy, start the cut in Design Space.

Once the cut is carried out, dump your mat.

It’s time to weed!

Assembly Process

It’s time to bring together our keychain!

If you’ve in no way laboured with vinyl earlier than, it is a bit intimidating, don’t worry; all of us make mistakes, and as you gain enjoyment, things will become less difficult and extra manageable.

Once done, your keychain is ready to go!!

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