Transformers Keychains Robotgirl & Botbots & Frostferatu

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Transformers: BotBots is a series of Transformers that started in 2018 and involves small, cartoony, super-transforming robot characters who can transform into mundane objects.

In the universe of BotBots, a mysterious cloud of energy gas drifts across a shopping mall, turning tools, electronics, furniture, food, toys, sports equipment, and just about everything else into tiny shape-shifting robots. During the day they hide, and at night, there is a lot of mischief.

Frostferatu is a member of the Lost Bots from BotBots.

This product adopts the 8cm double sided different design with front side epoxy process. The accessory comes with a gold star, which is exquisite.

Client Maria Varela
Material Acrylic, Epoxy