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What Are Keychains Made Of And How Are They Created?


A custom keychain is one of the most distinctive accessories you can own. It may only seem like a small piece of metal or plastic, but a keychain has an extraordinary individuality. A keychain is frequently used as a souvenir from a special place.

If you are tempted to get your custom keychains, it will undoubtedly make for a standout piece in your collection, and it can also display a particular part of your life, such as your business logo. This might intrigue you to know the process by which keychains are produced. What are they made of, and how do you create one?

Keep reading as we explore more about the creation of custom keychains.

The Material – What Can Be Used For A Custom Keychain?Custom Acrylic Keychain

A keychain can be made from a variety of materials. The classic materials used for keychains are metals and acrylic. You will be able to get a metal or acrylic custom keychain easily. You can also get different colors for some materials, such as an acrylic keychain. The texture, weight, style, and customization determine the best material for your keychain.

Some other popular types for keychains include rubber keychainsleather keychains, wood keychains, and more.

The Parts – What Is A Keychain Made Of?

There are three basic parts of almost every keychain. Some keychains may be more complicated and have additional components, or a few simpler ones may leave out one of the parts. Moreover, a custom keychain may have one or all of these parts in different sizes and shapes. So, while the basic pieces that build a keychain might be the same, they can take different shapes and styles in unique keychains.

The three parts include a ring in which the keys are added, a trinket which is a stylish accessory to distinguish the keychain, and a chain that connects the pendant and the ring. The trinket will usually be made from a different material from the clasp and the chain, but the choice of material will depend on the chosen manufacturer.

The Process – How Are Keychains Made?

Rainbow KeychainThe keychains are shaped into the desired form through a range of methods. One of them is die-cutting. The die-cutting process is similar to the good old cookie-cutter way.

First, you have to pick the right material. This method uses common materials, including paper, rubber, plastic, wood, and a few more. A custom dies cutter has been manufactured with the desired shape. This die will come down and press on the material to form the required custom shape of the trinket.

After the shape has been indented, the excess material is removed. If you use a digital die cutter, the shape will be cut with high precision, so you won’t have to clean a lot of extra material. The other two parts, the chain and the clasp, are produced separately and then attached with the custom trinket to make a complete keychain.

Some other processes used for manufacturing the keychain include injection molding and stamping press.

Why You Should Get A Custom Keychain?

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