8 Creative Ways to Wow Guests at Your Wedding


Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It is a celebration of your relationship with your significant other. It marks a new beginning in life and such a momentous occasion needs to be celebrated and remembered as such. So, time to go all out on the decorations and the festivities. Get a designer wedding gown, book an opulent venue, or order custom acrylic standees. There are tons of ways you can make your big day truly memorable.

Ways To Make Your Wedding Day Special

There are many ways to make your wedding day truly magical. Here are just eight ways you can impress your guests:

1. Destination Weddingwedding

If money is not an issue then plan a destination wedding. It is a vacation combined with a big party and is the perfect way to give your wedding guests a gift of a lifetime. Bear the travel and accommodation costs and you will have your guests talking about your wedding for years to come. As a bonus, destination weddings also produce the most breathtaking photographs.

2. DIY Menu

A wedding is incomplete without good food. If there is one thing that guests remember, it is the food. The great thing is you do not even have to spend a fortune to get good-tasting food. Be creative by serving different cuisines and make the menu such that everyone can customize the dishes to an extent. Aside from a custom salad or dessert station, you can have food that can be customized by the guests, like building their pasta or sandwiches.

3. Custom Acrylic Standees

These are very versatile and functional. Acrylic standee can be used to help organize the wedding party, especially to help seat everyone. Wedding invites can inform the guests of their seating arrangement and the acrylic standee can be used to label the tables. You do not have to go for the usual boring acrylic standee with a plain number. Jazz things up with custom-printed acrylic standees like a cute image of the bride and groom or the initials of the couple.  These acrylic standees can be kept as memorabilia from the wedding, just like the bouquet.

4. Customized Party Favors

A big misconception is that party favors need to be expensive, like designer items. That is not true. With a little bit of creativity, you can come up with amazing party favors that will wow your guests. Personalized keychains or custom acrylic pins are quite good party favors. A well-designed personalized keychain is much more coveted than any designer item. You can get personalized keychains from websites like Pdodo for each guest to show your appreciation. Let them know you value their presence on your wedding day with a unique and personalized token.

5. Live Musicwedding

This again does not need to be fancy, we at not talking about hiring an orchestra. Just select a local band you and your loved one enjoy and have them be part of your wedding. They can play on demand and set the mood for the festivities once the ceremony is over.

6. Pre-wedding Party

Let the celebrations begin before the ceremony. Plan get-togethers and parties before the big day as an excuse to extend the joyous occasion. Have a slumber party with your bridesmaids or go out for brunch. This will get everyone excited about the wedding.

7. Set up a Kids’ Corner

Kids at weddings are a contentious point for many. Children find weddings boring and can act out as a result. For many it is impossible to hold a child-free wedding. The best idea and everyone will thank you for it, is to set aside an area where kids can go and play. Simply having a trampoline or an inflatable castle is enough to keep the kids busy. Your Vermont can proceed without a hitch and the children will also have a grand old time at the wedding.

8. Have Games at the Wedding

Weddings can be a drag for those attending. The spotlight is on the bride and the groom and the guests can feel left out. It is best to shake things up after the ceremony. Hold a dance competition or maybe a karaoke showdown, just some fun games to involve everyone.

Planning the Perfect Wedding

Wedding planning is stressful without a doubt. However, a little bit of creativity can help you plan a memorable event for everyone involved. Online resources are crucial to manifest creative ideas. Most of the tips mentioned above are budget-friendly and help to make any wedding memorable.