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Custom Acrylic Phone Holder: Design your Own Desk Ornament

Custom Acrylic Phone Holder

Your cell phone can do essentially all that — aside from holding itself up. For this, individuals as a rule resort to setting it up on certain books, their cups, or whatever else that is close by directly in front of them. However, with an acrylic phone holder stand, you can undoubtedly keep your telephone sitting up and keep it that way. Phone stands are perfect for video conferencing, calls, and watching recordings, and the sky’s the limit from there. There are a lot of choices for phone stands, which style is your favorite?

Look at our rundown underneath to see the best telephone holder stands apart there today.

What to consider when buying a good phone holderPhone grips

When picking out a phone stand, there are a few things you must keep in mind in order to choose the best one for your essentials.

Here are the key highlights that you need to pay special attention to and consider when making your decision:

Compatibility: This will be the main thing you really want to check. Make sure the phone mount you choose fits and supports your phone well. In case your phone won’t fall down while using it.

Comfort: The main point of having a stand is to let you have a comfortable experience when you watch a movie. Or allow you to glance at your phone without having to physically pick it up. Therefore, you need to consider whether the mobile phone holder can meet your requirements.

Convenience: The mobile phone holder is to facilitate us when we need to support our mobile phone. Therefore, whether it can be carried with you, whether it is convenient to assemble, and whether it can be moved. These are what we need to pay attention to when buying a mobile phone holder.

These criteria can help you choose the best phone mount for you.

But is that all? Of course not.

If you’re looking for some custom phone holders for yourself? Do not worry. Below, we’ve included some custom phone holder ideas that can help choose the right one!

Phone Holder Custom Ideas

  1. Phone grips

A phone grip can come in handy for your phone security. A phone grip is what can stick to the back of the phone. Usually, you can always grasp your mobile phone through it. Plus it can help prop up your phone. However, it should be noted that when using it, do not forcefully pull or shake it to prevent the phone handle from falling off the back of the phone.

  1. Phone holder standsPhone Stands

There are also many styles and types of mobile phone holders. What I recommend to you today is the acrylic mobile phone stand desktop decoration. The acrylic phone holder consists of two acrylic sheets. One has two hollow horizontal bars below, and the other has two protruding long plates. Combine two acrylic plates, and you get a simple and portable mobile phone holder.

The acrylic phone holder can be customized. Pick a character you like and customize it in PDODO.

The acrylic phone holder takes up very little space. You can place it anywhere, whether it is the coffee table in the living room, the desk you study on, or the desk in the office, as long as you want to store your mobile phone or support your mobile phone. In addition, if you need to use it when you go out, you can also take it with you.


In addition to acrylic phone holders, there are wooden phone holders and metal phone holders. There are special shooting brackets, as well as car phone holders. Learn more and you’ll find what works best for you.