Phone Grips: Necessary Accessories For Phone

Phone Grips

Phone grips are necessary accessories for your phone. Scrolling phones while lying in bed is everyone’s favorite nighttime hobby. But have you ever dropped your phone right on your face because it slipped from your hand? Yep, you might have. With every new invention, not only are phones coming with new features, but they are also increasing in weight. Phone grips are necessary.

And handling these cumbersome phones is not that easy. But luckily, to support these big boys, accessories have been introduced, one of which is the phone grips. So, what are these phone holders, and how can they help you? Let’s find out.

What Is A Phone Grip?

A phone grip is a small device that attaches to the back of your phone. This tool helps in supporting your device and provides an even better grip. Moreover, it is ergonomically comfortable and makes your phone tasks easy.

Aside from that, phone grips are made so that they can act as the phone stands. They work as a kickstand so that you can watch videos or do your video calls. There are different types of phone grips, and they attach to your phone in different ways. They either have magnetic or adhesive attachments. Some are like straps that can go all the way up to your palms, providing even better grip.

Different Types Of Phone Grips

Pop sockets Phone Grips

Pop sockets are the most common go-to phone holder for hand. They come in various designs, and you can even get them customized. It is a knob-style holder that opens and collapses. It can either be magnetically attached or slid on the phone’s side. They are either plastic or acrylic, like the Pdodos custom acrylic phone grip.

Ring Style

This is a very minimalistic style, usually made of metal or plastic. These are designed to be held in fingers. The good thing about them is that they can be rotated 360 degrees, can be used as phone ring stands and are pretty durable, especially metal ones.

Loop Style

Another versatile phone holder made up of either elastic or silicone. These come in various sizes, from very small fingers to large sizes that fit in hands. These are made of quite comfortable material and make your phone function easier.

Benefits Of Investing In A Phone Grip

Provides Support

Modern smartphones are heavy, and prolonged use can cause wrist strains. Phone holders are handy because they provide support and extra grip on the phone.

Protect The Phone

Not only does the phone holder provide the best grip, but they also act as the protector of phones. The phone slips out of our hands, ending up breaking or chipping the corners or screen. Phone grips can prevent that.

VersatilePhone Grips

Versatility is another very significant feature of these phone holders. These can act as mini stands to support your phone vertically and horizontally; phone ring stands are perfect. Moreover, pop sockets can be used for cords which saves you from detangling the cords.


Phone grips are one of the most popular and needed phone accessories. These can work wonders, especially for people who tend to have slippery hands or someone who keeps dropping his phone. Looking for a cute phone grip that is according to your liking? Then get your phone grip customized by Pdodo.