5 Ideas for How to Display Custom Standees

Custom Standees

Are you looking to spruce up your home or business with some unique and visually-stunning standees? Custom standees are a great way to bring life and fun to any space. Through their unique and eye-catching designs, they can create an unforgettable visual impact that will leave your customers or guests with a lasting impression. From displaying acrylic standees at trade shows to creating artful window displays, these creative ideas will help liven up any room!

Boost Your Brand with Custom Standees

Highlighting the Brand

Custom standees can be used in a variety of ways to highlight your brand and ensure visibility in high-traffic areas. Showcase logos, colors, and slogans with bold visuals that grab the attention of potential customers or clients. Put extra thought into creating memorable elements that ensure maximum impact for minimal effort!

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Themed StandeesCustom Standees

Designing themed custom stands is another great option if you’re looking for something truly creative and unique that stands out from competitors. Create eye-catching designs that showcase your best creativity and are well-suited to the event’s theme (corporate events, product launches, etc.) to guarantee customer engagement and strengthen your brand’s image.

Freestanding Displays

Creating a freestanding display with acrylic standees is a great way to draw attention in any setting. By using an easel, podium, or even just a simple wooden or metal stand, you can create an eye-catching presentation of your customized standee(s). With a freestanding display, the type of stand you choose is important; it should be able to hold the weight of the acrylic stand without tipping over while also complementing the look and feel of the design.

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Wall-Mounted Displays

Another effective method for displaying custom Standees is through wall mountings. Because acrylic stands out from other materials due to its lightness, versatility, and durability it makes sense when making products like photo frames or souvenirs! Using adhesive strips, hooks, frames, or other mounting tools on walls will allow you to suspend your Standee in whatever arrangement fits best within your space.

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Multi-Standee ArrangementsCustom Standees

Create a powerful and eye-catching display by grouping acrylic standees together for your promotional campaigns or events. Consider factors such as size, design, and placement to achieve a harmonious look. Make it sustainable with wooden standees, offering the ability to customize through single-sided printing for an extra unique touch!

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