Custom Pins Display-10 Ideas For How To Display Custom Pins

Custom Pins Display

Buying custom pins sounds like a great idea, but may seem a like a waste of money. Where would you use custom pins anyways? If you are wondering this then you do not know the full potential of custom pins. That is right, custom pins have multiple uses, and getting a custom acrylic pin made is worth the splurge.

Ways You Can Use Your Custom Pins

Here are just ten ways you can use your custom pins:

  • Put Them On A Tote Bag

Tote bags are very versatile. They provide plenty of space and are strong enough to carry a lot of your stuff. Since they are made of cloth, tote bags have plenty of space. You can jazz up any plain tote bag by putting your custom pins on it. The pin mechanism does not destroy the integrity of the bag, because of the fabric, and you can showcase your interests proudly on the bag. Change up or add new custom pins as you wish.

  • Use To Accessorize Any Outfit

Add character to your clothes by putting on custom pins on your shirts, jackets, hats, or jeans. Similar to cloth tote bags, custom pins are safe for putting on hour clothing. Make any plain outfit trendy by adding a few custom acrylic pins. Not only do these add a pop of color, but they also make a dull outfit interesting. A stranger might look at you and strike up a conversation if you are sporting acrylic pins that carry a famous character from a television show or an anime.

  • Use A Cork BoardlADPD0eJ8Vki31jNB87NCK0 2221 1998.jpg 720x720q90g

Need a simple but budget-friendly way to display your collection of custom pins? Simply take a corkboard and place the pins on it. You can make a DIY frame to make the display look professional and appealing.

  • Get A Custom Banner Made

You can always order a custom banner to house all your precious pins. Banners do not cost much, even custom ones are fairly inexpensive. You can hang the banner in your room or where you want to display your pins.

  • As A Display On Your Refrigerator

You can even get magnetic acrylic pins that are perfect for going on the fridge. Create a display on your fridge with custom pins. The best thing? It doesn’t just look good, it also serves the purpose of putting up important notes and reminders.

  • Use As A Phone Grip

Custom pins with phone grips allow you to attach the pins safely to your phone. Doing so lets you hold your phone securely while looking cool at the same time.

  • An Empty Picture Frame

You can easily get picture frames for a reasonable price, especially if you thrift one. Just DIY a display by putting fabric on the board of the picture frame that usually contains the picture and use it to place the custom pins on it.

  • Felt Letter Boards

These are commonly available in office supplies and stationery sections. The felt board is perfect for the pins to go on. There is plenty of space for you to display and grow your custom pins’ collection.

  • Put Them On A Jewelry Display2 2

Jewelry displays, such as earring holders have notches for your precious little jewelry pieces. These can be used for custom pins as well.

  • A Pencil Case Or A Suit Case

These are both great options. You can display your pins and make any normal-looking pencil case or suitcase customized to your taste.

Getting Custom Pins

Now you know just how useful it can be to get custom pins and the different ways to display them, it is time to start collecting pins. One of the best websites for buying custom pins is It offers the best service with custom keychains, pins, and standees that are made of high-quality material. Get your collection started now so you can proudly display your custom pins.

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