How To Wear Acrylic Pin

Acrylic Pin

Planning to rock an acrylic pin this season but don’t know where to start? Well, fret not! Here is how you can wear these stylish accessories with finesse and sophistication. From simple apparel ensembles to intricate detailing – find out what works best for you and how to get the pinned-up look without compromising on style or comfort! Whether you want to display your favorite band, sports team, or political statement, or just have fun with it – custom pins can be wearable art!

What Is an Acrylic Pin?

Acrylic pins are made of lightweight plastic with vibrant designs that offer a unique touch of personalization to your outfit. They come in various creative designs, shapes, sizes, and colors, including enamel-coated metal buttons or 3D designs with intricate details and textures. You can have unique varieties of these pins at Pdodo.

Types & Designs


Often feature flat surfaces without additional design elements, providing a classic look every time they’re worn.

ClassicAcrylic Pin

Provide great levels of detail thanks to their textured surfaces and intricate details which allow them to stand out from other accessories.


Usually feature bolder prints such as polka dots or stripes along with metallic accents that give it the perfect vintage feel while still being fashionable today!


Can be designed according to your liking – choose from vibrant colors like hot pink or blue, or opt for fun patterns like chevrons or stars.

Pin Placement and Display

Custom pins are an exciting way to show off your unique style. Use them wisely for the perfect look – without going overboard! Here are some tips to help you rock this trend:

Jackets and Blazers

An acrylic pin can be placed anywhere on jackets, blazers, etc.—from the lapels, pocket flaps, or even in the middle of a coat. Be sure not to overcrowd your jacket as this tends to make any outfit look messy. Pdodo offers a wide range of stylish acrylic pins to suit your unique style!

Sweaters and Cardigans

For cardigans and sweaters keep pin placement minimal—it makes for an aesthetically pleasing fit without appearing cluttered or kitschy. Place one large pin at the top, so it’s visible when opened. Or, two smaller pins placed below the collarbone level can provide a neat finish without buttons in the way.

Shirts and Blouses

Add a touch of sophistication to your look with unique pins on your shirts and blouses. For the perfect combination, limit yourself to no more than three across the collar edge or chest area. Pdodo provides an amazing selection of custom pins that you can use to make your statement.

Unique Placement OptionsAcrylic Pin

If you want something different from everyday clothing items like jackets, tops, etc, add a unique edge to your wardrobe with items such as bags, hats, and scarves. They serve as great canvases for creative designs while still keeping you fashionable! Totes, backpacks, baseball caps, wrist/neck wraps – the options are endless.

Overall Outfit Considerations of Custom Pins

The key takeaway here is that balance lies at the center of any successful styling technique–too many acrylic pins can easily make any outfit appear kitsch rather than stylishly curated!

Pdodo offers various styles of acrylic pins including, anime pins, horror pins,  dog pins, skull pins, and more. Create high-quality custom pins from your original designs and express yourself in unique ways!